Application domain

Application domain



The electro hydraulic servo system is the implementing agency in carrier space vehicle control system. According to the command if control system, It adjusts the nozzle’s pivot angle or the opening degree of the second spraying valve. Then, it changes the exhaust direction of engine exhaust plume and produces the lateral control torque to changing the attitude in flight so that the rocket are in the designated route with safety.  


The missile is launched when it captures the target and other conditions are met. Then it will enter the inertia flight phase and is separated from the carrier. During the flight, the guidance system continuously measures and calculates the relative position between the target and the missile. The control signal is formed by the deviation, so that the rudder works, the rudder surface is deflected to make the missile towards the target. When the missile is getting close to the target and the fuze operating conditions are met, the fuze will detonate the warhead and damage the target.


Vessel’ servo system is the important device to control the direction and it is one of the most significant auxiliary parts in vessel. Rudder mainly make sure the vessel sailing on the designated route with safety. Its performance plays the crucial role in deciding the vessel’s motion function. 

4.Ground vehicle
Ground equipment


6.Unmanned aerial vehicle
Unmanned aerial vehicle

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