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Company overview

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Starting the research and development of electro-hydraulic servo valves (EHSV in short) in 1968, AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co., Ltd. is an industrial base of EHSV with leading technical capability in China. Our company is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, test and repairs of EHSV and also has the ability to develop servo systems and non-standard equipment for industrial application.

We own two factories and one environment test laboratory. The number of manufacturing personnel is 116. More than 60 people has college degree or above and 12 people has the technician professional titles. Our company is a highly professional technology team. There has been 3 professional manufacturing lines: high precision components assembly line, core components production line and product assembly line. We have advanced technical planning and development skills for new products using the latest technologies.

There has been the complete high-end advanced manufacturing, measurement and test equipment, including imported CNC lathe machining center, CNC lathe, four -axis CNC machining center, high running precision EDM mill, high precision round welding machine, cylindrical grinder, EDM, wire cutting, heat treatment and precision processing equipment ,70 sets in all. Also , there has the assembling, debugging and testing equipment,64 sets altogether; 20 sets of environmental test equipment of high and low temperature, vibration, acceleration and so on.

We are also the national leader in terms of EHSV performance test and environment test and validation using hydraulic fluid and fuel. Our test bench includes static and dynamic test, high and low temperature, vibration and shock, temperature-altitude environment test. Temperature test bench can go as far as fluid temperature: -55℃~+150℃, environment temperature: -55℃~+250℃.We are the only one in China to carry out performance test and environment test and validation with working fluid of mineral based hydraulic fuel, phosphate fuel and fuel.
Our product line covers over 200 models, including force-feedback single stage servo valve, nozzle-flapper two stage servo valve, jet pipe EHSV ( jet pipe and jet deflector type ), DDV and RDDV, combined control valve, electro-magnetic hydraulic lock, pressure-reducing valve, hydraulic pump, servo amplifier and EHSV static and dynamic test bench. EHSV’s working fluid covers mineral based hydraulic fuel, phosphate fuel and fuel.

Now we have setting 2 national military standards and one industrial standard. We have 28 technical patents covering EHSV design, measurement and process and test method for whole valve and parts. We also have state of art equipment for hydraulic grinding, deburring etc.

AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co., Ltd. boasts itself in its complete quality management system, advanced manufacture and development level. We are the national leader working towards the digitization, internationalization and high pressure of EHSV. We will strive to keep our clients happy.

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