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Company overview

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It is said that better is the innovation of good. The difference between them is that better come into being after decades of hard working and accumulation. AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co.,Ltd. always cherishes the idea of innovation and development. We shape our company’s image by creating the brand. We set sights on world level after 47 years of experience planning, producing, and supporting servo valve technology.

In the equipment manufacturing industry, the hydraulic control system industry accounts for only a small proportion. Working as hydraulic components, electro-hydraulic servo valve components can convert the weak electrical signal into huge hydraulic power. In this case, servo valve can combine the electronic technology and hydraulic technology organically. In the hydraulic control system , servo valve plays the role as the heart. AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on servo control system for decades. We always remain true to our original aspiration striving to be the domestic leading hydraulic servo control components manufacturing enterprise.

In December 2016, AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co. Ltd. was founded by joint capital contribution from AVIChina Industry & Technology Company Limited and AVIC Jincheng Nanjing Mechatronics and Hydraulic Engineering Research Center. Changing from the hydraulic servo engineering department to the company, we always concentrate on developing and upgrading the products and service. Our company is mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing, test and delivery and repair of EHSV and also has the ability to develop servo systems and non-standard equipment for industrial application.

To respond to the “MADE IN CHINA 2025”plan, our company are striving for breaking the foreign companies’ price and technological monopoly. In 2017, we  developed the new localized jet-pipe servo valve which can completely replace the foreign products. From 1970 to now, we have been working on the development of domestic electro-hydraulic servo valve components to change the situation that Chinese industry rely on imported products.

Ingenuity is the soul of quality. Prime Minister Li Keqiang emphasized on the fifth session of the 12th National People’s Congress(NPC) that Craftsmanship spirit must be promoted and Craftsmanship culture should be cultivated. People should insist on the professional behavior standard. China’s economy will enter the time of quality and China will build world-famous Chinese brands by striving for perfection and cultivating more Chinese craftsmen. Prime Minister Li also stressed that innovation and transformation plays crucial roles in China’s development in new normal stage. Our country cannot transfer from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality without skilled personnel. 

Sha Baosen, honorary director of China Hydraulics pneumatic & seals committee, pointed at an interview that hydraulic industry should withstand loneliness and  resist temptation. We all staff take the lead to achieve the technological innovation and a series of major technology breakthrough project. Technical have reached the first-level of international similar products. Our models can completely replace the imported products, like MOOG, Rexroth. We have succeeded in finishing servo valvess’ localization for many customers, largely shortening the maintenance cycle  and saving the maintenance cost for them.

To make technological breakthrough, our company’s researchers work overnight to overcome the difficulties without hesitation. They missed the family dinners while working overtime. At 40 ℃ temperature, technicians worked lately to fix the equipment in order to finish the test in time. They still remain true to their original aspiration. This kind of behavior is just the perfect revelation of the so-called Craftsmanship spirit.

With the rapid and strong development of equipment manufacturing industry, our business field are promoted from pure military products to military and civilian combination and civil application. We actively expand the non-aeronautical industry and manufacture different products suitable for the following industries: automobile,  navigation, metallurgy, machine manufacture, geological exploration, construction machines and all kinds of test equipment. They have been widely used and approved by the market. In all these years, we insist on technological innovation and deep revolution. Series FF servo valves were awarded the Certificate of Merit of the China National Science Session and the Golden Dragon Award of National New Products. And Series FF servo valves won the Science &Technology Achievement Prizes of the State Council of Ministry of Aviation Industry , and of Hubei Province, respectively. R & D capability and scale production capability makes us possible to enter the international market in recent years. We also have clients in U.S.A, Italy, Russia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Southeast America and other countries covered by Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative. Due to our excellent quality and service, our servo valves have enjoyed great reputation among clients both at home and abroad.

The RD capacity means a lot to an enterprise’s innovation. For now, we set two military use standards and one civilian use standard. We own 28 technology patents including structure design, measurement, special process, assembly test methods. Our company has the complete military equipment quality system, high-efficient produce unit and advanced RD means. We are leading the domestic EHSV technology toward the direction of digitization, intelligence and high pressure. We always offer our clients reliable products and good service. We hope to become the leading servo valve industrial base.The number of RD staff is more than 50, including 3 researchers, 15 senior engineers, 20 people with master degree or above. RD department has four professional offices, system simulation room, product design room, process room, measurement and control room (including test class).There has been 3 professional manufacturing lines: High precision components assembly line, core components production line and product assembly line. We have advanced technical planning and development skills for new products,using the latest technologies.

There has been innovation in our quality management. One product’s high quality cannot represent that of the whole patch. Therefore, quality means a lot to us. We have to ensure the quality so that our hope building the international leading elector hydraulic servo system RD base and lead the domestic technology’s development can be realized. We adhere to the quality policy that Quality first, Clients above all, People oriented and Pursuit of excellence. Based on the strategic target, our quality control are carried out by full involvement and suitable quality system construction. By all that, we firmly believe that we can offer customers high-quality products and service. In this case, we can make contribution to our company’s sustainable development and our country’s policy “Intellectually Manufactured in China”.

Quality cannot be taken for granted. We have strict quality control through the following ways: carrying out quality system certificate, implementing total quality management and continuous improvement, use lean manufacturing concept and AIPD process. AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co.,Ltd obtained the identification of quality management system and environment management system with our parent company which is Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems( former AVIC 609 Research Institute ). With the qualifications and conditions for military production, we consistently produce civilian products in the mode of manufacturing military products. In 2017, we will establish the quality system and prepare for the quality system identification independently.

At the new starting point, our resolve is unshaken. With the positive attitude, AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co.,Ltd. are striving to be the leading servo control equipment integrator and supplier both at home and abroad. 

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