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Instruction for application of servo valves

Electrohydraulic servo valves were developed in the early 1950s to accommodate the needs of missiles and aerospace technology. Besides the applications of military and defense, they are also widely used in metallurgy, chemical engineering, mechanical manufacturing, geological exploration, construction, power system, textiles, printing and various types of test equipment.
With over 50 years of research and development and more than 2000 domestic users, our FF series servo valves are a household brand in China. We also have clients in U.S.A, Italy, Russia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Southeast America and other countries covered by Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative. Due to our excellent quality and service, our servo valves have enjoyed great reputation among clients both at home and abroad.

2.Typical applications
(1)Application in rubber and plastic machinery
a.Blow molding machine
b.High-end injection molding machine
c.Rubber forming machine
d.Resin extrusion forming machine
(2)Application in metallurgy equipment
a.EPC system for cold rolled sheet
b.Hot rolled system for cold,medium and thick sheet
c.Hot die casting system for light alloy
d.Forging and pressing equipment
(3)Typical applications in other industries
a.Testing machine system
b.Aircraft fatigue load test system
c.Building structure load test system
d.Automobile front axle load test system
e.6 degree of freedom load system
f.Intelligent robot
g.EH system of steam turbine in thermal power plant

3.Typical engineering case
(1)Awarded as the leading supplier of servo valves by many domestic hydraulic system and equipment suppliers.
(2)Products used on equpment of national leading metallurgy players.
(3)Our products are as good as global leading suppliers, replacing valves of MOOG and Rexroth in China.We have successfully replaced our valves for several domestic clients who used foreign-brand valvas, shortening downtime and saving cost for clients. Just name a few cases.
a.Our FF-106A replaced MOOG 760 in 1.7 meter rolling in Wuhan Steel;
b.Our FF-113 replaced MOOG 72 in gear grind machine in Nanjing;
c.Our FF-106 replaced MOOG 760 in aluminum mill in Guangxi Southeast Aluminum Inc;
d.Our FF-131G replace ultra premier range servo valve 4658 on material extruding machine;
e.Due to our technical strength, we have developed many custom servo valves to replace non-standard servo valves of foreign brands. Just name a few, our FF-106a replaced MOOG 760-224A in Hainan branch of Wuhan Steel.

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