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  • Q Why selects us

    A AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co., Ltd. boasts itself in its complete quality management system, advanced manufacture and development level. We are the national leader working towards the digitization, intelligenzation and high pressuration of EHSV. We will strive to keep our clients happy.
  • Q What we can give you

    A We can satisfy the following demands: RD, assembly, test, sell and maintenance service of servo valves ,control system and hydraulic pumps. Our products are widely used in aeronautics, space, navigation, metallurgy, machine manufacture, geological exploration, construction machines and all kinds of test equipment. In aeronautics applications, EHSV are used in rudder actuation system, front wheel control system, inlet control system, electronic anti-skid system, radar servo system, cargo door retraction system, engine digital control system, APS and APU.
  • Q Who are we

    A AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems( former AVIC 609 Research Institute ), is the national leader in the research and development, manufacturer of electro-hydraulic servo valves ( EHSV in short ) with the longest history ( since 1968 ), the largest size and the most advanced level in China. Our company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacture, test and delivery and repairs of EHSV and also has the ability to develop servo systems and non-standard equipment for industrial application.

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