Application domain

Application domain

Civilian use

Proportionally turning the weak electrical signal into amplified hydraulic power, electrohydraulic servo valves( EHSVs in short )combines the electrical technology and hydraulic technology together efficiently. In the control system, EHSV works as the heart so that it is widely used in the electrohydraulic servo control system. There’s a history of more than 50 years that AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co., Ltd. developed and manufactured EHSV. FF series EHSVs are characterized by compact design, stable performancs , reliable operation, high response, wide range of flow and small size.

Our products have been widely used in metal lurgy, chemical industry, press, and various types of test equipment. Their performances have reached the same advanced level as that of those similar types of servo valves in the world. 

With over 50years of research and development and more than 2000 domestic users, our FF series servo valves are a household brand in China. We also have clients in U.S.A, Italy, Russia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Southeast America and other countries covered by Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative. Due to our excellent quality and service, our servo valves have enjoyed great reputation among clients both at home and abroad.Typical application of our EHSVs are as follow:

1.Application of electrohydraulic servo valves in rubber and plastics machinery
2.Application of electrohydraulic servo valves in metal lurgy equipment  
3.Typical application of electrohydraulic servo valves in other industries

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