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Application domain


Aviation domain

As for aviation field, our products are mainly applied to the field of aviation flight control surface actuation system, front wheel control system, inlet control system, electronic anti-skid brake system, radar servo system, cargo door control systems, energy transmission systems, sonar control systems, weapon systems, engine control system, APS and APU etc.. Product type covers nozzle flapper servo valve, jet pipe servo valve, jet deflector servo valve. Our company is currently the national leading electro-hydraulic servo valve production enterprise with the most complete types of products, the highest field and the largest market share of the unit. By the meantime, our company set 2 national military servo valve standards and one national industrial servo valve standard.

The company has the complete military goods quality system, the formidable lean manufacture unit, the advanced research and development method. We have undertaken many key projects supporting systems and products development tasks such as carrier aircraft, UAVs, helicopters, aerospace aircraft, early warning aircraft, engines and so on. We are leading the development of the domestic electro-hydraulic servo valve technology towards digitalization, intellectualization and high pressure. We are always providing reliable products and efficient services to our customers.


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