Company overview

Company overview

Core culture

Serve the country worthily: the lofty mission of AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co.,Ltd.

To serve the country is our company’s lofty mission and heading direction. It embodies the lofty spirit of dedication and selfless. We promise to participate in the aviation weapon equipment construction and social economic development.

Strengthen the army and enrich the people: persistent pursuit of AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co.,Ltd.

It is our persistent pursuit and forwarding power to strengthen the army and enrich the people. We promise to build advanced and reliable aeronautical weaponry, which is a grand aspiration to integrate the army and enrich the people, reflecting our pursuit of social responsibility.
Dedication and integrity: the foundation of AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co.,Ltd.

Dedication and integrity is the precious spiritual wealth that the we achieved in the struggle and challenge in over 60 years with strong passion. It is also the combination of traditional spirit and time spirit. Dedication means that take one’s work seriously, work without compliant and pursue precision. Integrity means that we abide by the rules and our actions are in line with our words. Dedication and integrity is not only our company’s corner stone to make new progress, but also the necessary choice to satisfy our clients’ demand in the fierce competition.

Innovation and exceeding: the spiritual energy of us enhancing the core competitiveness in the hydraulic industry.

Innovation and exceeding is the strong driving force to fulfill the service. Innovation indicates that we don’t like being complacent and mediocre but are trying to go beyond stereotypes. We have the courage to make changes and enhance our core competitiveness. Exceeding is the realistic choice. If not cherish this spirit, it is hard to surpass ourselves, our competitors and all the other difficulties.

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