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Ensure the completion of new model and half-year goal

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Ensure the completion of new model and half-year goal

AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co.,Ltd. entered the crucial stage in year 2017. Factory 32 made the whole year manufacturing plan at the year’s beginning through the balance analysis of its manufacturing capacity. Based on the whole-year plan, every beginning of the month and the week, planners and dispatchers are called together to make the detailed plan. Through data-based and information-based tools, the planned nodes and production responsibilities would be implemented to every one. Branch managers regularly learn advanced management theories and tools. They also use scientific management to excavate the largest production potential of the branch and ensure the continuous growth of the company's annual output value.

But after all, plans cannot keep pace with changes. In April, Factory 32 received the mission from marketing department, which should be finished at the end of June. Without shirk and hesitation, Factory 32’s director immediately called the management personnel together for the unexpected task to make an emergency response plan. Based on the assurance of every month’s production, Factory 32’s personnel would analyse each possible emergency situation and rearrange the equipment and human resources. Besides, set every time node during the manufacturing process scientifically. Each key point should correspond to a person who’s responsible. In this case, this plan would be carried out actually. Factory 32 establishes the digital information ledger to share real-time progress and make things under control. According to each process condition, periodic meetings are held. In these meetings, difficulties would be discussed and concentrated strength would be used to solve them. Under this circumstance, difficulties would not remain overnight so that more time can be saved for later stage.

In the debugging process of this a new product, experienced technicians always rushed in front of the difficulty. They work with sophisticated equipment. This is a job that needs both intelligence and physical strength. Every one brings their expertise into play and actively explores the new technology to solve the problem. It is ordinary to work overtime at the weekend. New model’s manufacturing and quality are our forwarding direction, also the striving force that supports everyone. Factory’s management personnel need to arrange the task and response to problems happened in the processing field in time. Their work show the essence of service awareness in this project. It is always late night when they finishes their jobs. This spirit encourages us to work with whole heart and soul to finish the half-year mission in the middle of year 2017.


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