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Honeywell on servo valve subcontract production discussion

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Honeywell on servo valve subcontract production discussion

Honeywell is one of the top 100 US industrial enterprises in FORTUNE magazine. It provides the industrial solution for international clients. It has been in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics for over one hundred years and has always been in the lead. Honeywell 131-9A auxiliary power unit (APU) was selected as the Airbus Company applied in A320 series. In the meantime, it cooperates with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, providing four sets of technical solutions for Chinese-made large aircraft C919: auxiliary power system, navigation system, flight control technology, brakes and wheels.

AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems( former AVIC 609 Research Institute ), is the national leader in the research and development, manufacturer of electro-hydraulic servo valves ( EHSV in short ) with the longest history ( since 1968 ), the largest size and the most advanced level in China. Our company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacture, test and delivery and repairs of EHSV and also has the ability to develop servo systems and non-standard equipment for industrial application. Our servo valves are the substitution for foreign products, like MOOG, Rexroth.

With the start of large aircraft project and the first flight of C919, our company are seeking for external cooperation and hoping to make a breakthrough in the aircraft market.

In July 26, 2017, Honeywell’s global marketing director with other two staff came to our company. We made the discussion about servo valve subcontract production.

At the meeting, both parties first made brief introduction about their products and business. Then, we discussed the subcontract of jet-pipe servo valves in the aspect of technology and business. Our general manager introduced our company’s research technology and the manufacturing capacity to the customers. He also led the customers to visit the civilian production site. They are satisfied with the strength of our company. Other than that, we reached a number of consensus on the servo valve subcontract production.

As for international cooperation of civil aircraft, this is our another attempt to striving for new increase .


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