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Pakistani clients’ cooperation expanding our company’s friends circle

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-03-12      Origin: Site

Pakistani clients’ cooperation expanding our company’s friends circle

Held was the meeting with two engineers from a Pakistani firm in March 2018. Our general manager, project manager and manufacturing engineer all five people have held conversations with Pakistani clients about cooperative items. To start with, both sides made brief introduction of present members. Pakistani engineers were quite honored that there were high-level leaders like general manager Zhou attending this meeting. And they were very thankful that our company took this project seriously. Further,project manager Zhuang made the presentation of our company, including founding backgrounds, developing condition, last year’s operating performance and products’ RD process. Moreover, both parties made detailed discussion. After explaining the product categories,technical data and annual production thoroughly, Pakistani engineers’ worries in previous communication were cleared, especially through the comprehensive description of storage period, service life and other concepts. These two Pakistani clients were quite satisfied with our design and manufacturing ability due to the specific testing data. Lastly, our project manager agreed to give quotations to their company in the next week.


Confucius once said that people were quite happy guests came to visit their home. Harmony culture has been deeply cultivated in the Chinese culture and seen as the corner stone of interaction principle nowadays. This cooperation shows our developing idea of consistent expanding cooperating framework. It also means that we are actively responding to the call of National Initiative ‘One belt One road’. 


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