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Strong confidence, promting quality efficiently: jet pipe valve welding process

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-09-07      Origin: Site

Strong confidence, promting quality efficiently: jet pipe valve welding process

AVIC Nanjing Servo Control System Co.,Ltd mainly produces nozzle-flapper servo valve and jet-pipe servo valves( including jet-pipe and jet-deflector servo valves ). It is hard to make progress in jet-pipe servo valves. In the meantime, competitors’ jet-pipe servo valves are very popular in both military and civilian market. Therefore, our leader has made up the mind to make breakthrough in the jet-pipe servo valve market to enrich the company’s production line and consolidate the company’s domestic leading position.

The main reason for the jet-pipe servo valve’s failure is that the welding of the jet pipe is difficult to be realized. Several types of jet-pipe valves fails due to the jet pipe’ machining bogging down. With the support of our company’s leadership, technology department has established a special welding technology research team. There are mainly experienced designers and craftsmen in this team. Through studying the sample and discussing the rationality of the drawing process, the team worked out a preliminary plan.

Due to the limitation of the company's welding equipment, after preliminary investigation, we cooperated with Nanjing advanced laser technology research institute to try to weld the jet pipe. The following work will be coordinating the design of welding fixture and conducting the formal welding. Under the teamwork and the continuous efforts, we will strive to overcome the difficulties of jet pipe welding process and successfully achieve the jet-pipe servo valve project filling our company’s gap in the jet-pipe servo valve.


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